Share Your Story

Each person has a story to tell.

Our experiences in life and how we choose to deal with them make our stories amazingly different, related, and unique.

The connection that our stories create and the wisdom they impart can inspire beautiful friendships, deep learning, personal and social change, meaningful collaborations, breakthrough innovations, and positive work.

On My Story, I am giving you a safe space to own your story. Here, you can tell the world of your brave, honest, and vulnerable life stories that brought out the best of you; inspiring adventures that you never knew you would dare jump into; and moving insights that help you interpret and re-imagine what it means to live, love, and share.

Submission Guidelines

I am honored to offer you this platform to tell your personal story. Where your story ends, someone’s story begins. Who knows?

Here’s how you can share.

  1. Send your story in a written format, preferably in a Microsoft Word Document. Check that it contains a minimum of 500 words and maximum of 1,500 words. Please also include a short biography that is not more than five sentences, and append links to your sites and social media profiles. Adding your photo would also be great!
  2. Email  your final draft to  with the subject line, “My Story: <Title of Your Story>.” I will be responding to you within a week upon receipt of your article.
  3. Please provide proper credits, links, and references to quotes, facts, figures, or research findings mentioned on your post if they are not your intellectual properties.
  4. Your story should be unpublished and it hasn’t been posted in any other existing sites or blogs, including yours. If you’re writing a post on your blog to inform your readers about your guest post, please modify the content and don’t publish the exact version of the post. Thousands of posts are published in the internet every week, and duplicate contents won’t help in doing a little “housekeeping.”
  5. While you own your style and tone of writing, I also reserve the right to edit certain portions of your article as deemed necessary for the sake of clarity and to suit the format of my blog. In doing this, I’ll do my best to make sure you that you won’t be losing your voice.
  6. Please also share your published story on your social media sites.
  7. Submission is voluntary and you agree that you won’t expect to gain any monetary remuneration in exchange of the story you’ve shared.

I look forward to working with you!

Take care,

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