Touch Me Not

Touch Me Not

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With his eyes closed, he stepped back and leaned on the wall of the bathroom. He slid down until he was sitting on the floor, legs straightened out. He was very tired. The acid soap that foamed on his face and all over his naked body was starting to bite on his cutaneous nerves. Julio was punishing himself. What have I done? Margaret shouldn’t know about it. There was a music playing in his head.

Ooh, it’s so typical, love leads to isolation
So you build that wall (build that wall)
Yes, you build that wall (build that wall)
And you make it stronger


He was all right earlier, enjoying his platter of spicy, fried chicken wings and a bucket of pilsen until this woman across his table, whose flirting eyes had been gazing at his direction stood, and approached the cafe’ manager on duty. Then he did not expect the next thing that happened. He was hearing that poignant song, Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin’s beautiful duet that reveals how love can lead to isolation. It shook his emotions that were just beginning to become stable after his last conversation with Margaret. How could one song break me again? Who is this woman. Why did she request that song to be played?

Julio knew he needed to get himself out of this place before the duo arrive at the chorus. But he had a plan. He would teach this woman a lesson. As he walked towards her position, he noticed that she was actually beautiful. But there was this look in her eyes that repelled Julio from treating her the way she used to treat women. She was lonely and he would never deal with lonely women anymore. Never.

“Can I take you home?” His blunt prelude left her gaping speechless. Julio faked the smile that escaped his lips. As he stared at her, he felt a sadistic desire to devour her until she was stripped of all her flesh like what was left of the chicken on his plate.

“I’ll wait for you outside. If you don’t follow within five minutes after I come out of the exit door, I’ll be gone. And you lose the chance of having a taste of me tonight.” Julio winked and turned away before she could even answer.

Moments later they were both in a cab on their way to his apartment. There was a fine line between them, but neither of them spoke. He saw the taxi driver peering on them through the front mirror. He must have been wondering if the two of them were having a lovers’ quarrel. Julio smirked at the thought. Why couldn’t people mind their own businesses?

Julio inserted the key on the door knob and untangled the chain. He tried to be as cold as possible. He motioned for her to enter the apartment first, then he triple-locked the door behind them.

“I’m not giving out my name or any personal details about me. You are not required to tell anything about yourself as well. We have met as strangers and we shall separate also as strangers. I’m not interested in you except for sex. What you see, what you hear, when you go, leave everything here.” Julio forewarned before he fumbled on the wall to switch on the light. The modest interior lighted up.

“I agree.” She said in a low voice. Her countenance has changed. Julio’s hunch was confirmed. She was longing for someone to comfort her. And Julio was not falling on this trap again.

“Is someone living here with you,” she said when she sat on the black, leather sofa, “it’s kinda lonely in here.”

“No. I have this unit all to myself.” Julio replied while he rummaged on his duffle bag on the floor beside the stack of empty drawers. “Why? Are you afraid that someone might show up from nowhere and join us? I can assure you, I don’t do threesome. You can survey my place if you want.” He set the center table aside and dropped a pack of condom on the floor.

“Of course not.” She cleared a lump in her throat while he watched him plug the Omni LED night light on the wall socket.

Julio walked to the kitchen and took a bottle of cold water out of the refrigerator. “Do something for me. Turn off the lights now.” He commanded on a stern voice after drinking a glass of his element. His licked his lips when darkness occupied the place again. Then, the soft glow revealed her slight shaking. There were beads of glittering sweat on her forehead. First time? I don’t really care!

She was standing still. His eyes did not leave hers when he closed the space between them. He kissed her lips. She quivered and her grasping reflex caused her hands to automatically hold on his shoulders. Your first time shall be memorable. Julio grabbed her by the wrists and put her hands behind her.

“Don’t touch me!” Julio’s eyes were burning as he bit her lower lip and kissed her again possessively. His tongue tickled hers and explored the sweetness of her mouth, not making any breath leak from their locked lips. She gasped when Julio drew his lips back.

“You’ll dream about this every night, I swear!” Julio was starting to get wild like a starving lion that is ready to pounce upon its innocent prey.

“Hhhhhmm…hhhmmmm.” She moaned when he spinned her and kissed her nape. Her skin was soft and smooth.

“We don’t need this.” Julio whispered on her ear as he peeled her dress off her fragile body. Her nakedness was a like a snow that glows under a golden moonlight. “And this too.” He held her earlobe between his teeth as he unhooked her bra. She fidgeted as he cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples.

“Oohhhhh, please…!” She held her chin up as Julio’s lips brushed on her neck. She was pleased with the tickling sensation of her kisser’s stubble. Then she felt a warm liquid bursting from the entrance of the paradise. Julio was quick to know it. His right hand departed from her breast and traveled down, inside her white lingerie. The expert hand grabbed the warm and wet treasure it found.

“Aaaahhhhh…!” She was seeing the zenith of glory even when her eyes are closed. How could she not? Her two pristine, errogenous zones were being stimulated simultaneously and Julio was victorious at every movement to give her a taste of repressed ecstasy.

The next sensation completely blew her. Julio’s finger found her dripping slit, it entered her in search for her precious gem. At first there was only one, then the other finger that promises engagement joined the mining. She was now on the sixth heaven, catching her breath. She spread her legs wider. She was about to scream when Julio’s mouth sucked her nipples, but it was stifled when he took his fingers out and forced them to her mouth. She tasted herself for the first time; she sucked Julio’s fingers like a neonate.

Julio was amazing! Her spirit was soaring. She wanted to tell him how much he makes her feel good so she risked touching his face that was buried between her breasts. When she did, she was electrified. Then, the gloomy expression on Julio’s visage sent a chill on her spine. “I said don’t touch me!” There was a great stress on his voice.

He stepped back and unbuttoned his long sleeves that was saturated with perspiration. Grumbling, he wringed it and bound her hands behind. “You are not supposed to break my order!” He took his blue handkerchief out of his pocket and covered her bewildered eyes.

She was confused, but she kept her silence. She did not fear him; she was deeply concerned. Then, she felt Julio’s powerful hands grabbed her waist and tucked her on the sofa. What’s wrong? What made him transform into the man who now lost his gentleness? Why was my touch such a big deal to him. Why he wouldn’t allow himself to be touched? He needed me.

He felt Julio’s presence before her. She was ready to take him in. The natural smell of his body that blended with his fresh sweat was a perfume to her olfactory sense. Her nipples pricked and hardened at the smell of his masculine, romantic fragrance. Then she heard the the sound of the belt being unbuckled and of the zipper being unzipped. She anticipated his manhood to spring free so she could realize her ultimate bliss.

She waited nervously. He was still. Then, she felt her arms being untied. Deafening silence ensued. When she could not stand it, she fumbled in the air but her hands never touched Julio’s body. Where did he go? Then, a broken voice, in melancholic tone pierced through the silence. “Remove your blindfold. Get dressed and leave. Now!”

She was dazzled by the brightness of the room. The LED light has stopped glowing. But what shocked her the most was the scene that glared before her eyes. Julio was sitting at the corner. There were tears falling from his grieving eyes. Between his legs was crumpled piece of paper that had blots of crimson. Blood was trickling from his lips!


The music stopped playing. No one shall ever touch me again…not until I find a pair of deserving hands, Julio whispered.

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