A Broken Glass

A Broken Glass

Image // © Jayson Santos

“You want this, right?” I slapped her soft flesh for the seventh time, her silky skin turned pinkish and glossy with the warm sweat that was trickling from my chin. I gently caressed her behind before I hit her for the eighth time.

“Answer me!” I heard Margaret moaned. She turned her head to the side, eyes closed, savoring the pain.

“Is that a Yes?”


“A No? Baby, are you disoriented? She opened her eyes and licked her red lips…she was teasing me. I replied to her gaze and a devilish grin escaped my lips.

“You look cute with those black rubbers on your braces. Next time tell your orthodontist to install the pink ones.” She was amused with my furrowed brow. She was buying her time. I raised my hand. But before it landed for the ninth time, she grumbled the words that prelude the experience of culminating pleasure.

“Yes baby, please! I want it…take me! Do it now!” Blood rushed to my manhood swifter than an electric current. I held her waist tightly, my hands were pressing down her pelvic bones, crushing them in agitation. In one suave thrust, I entered her.

“Ooohhh Margaret, you’re so ready for me!” She was warm, wet…still tight. I didn’t waste time to claim her ecstasy. I pounded on her, hard…harder until the four-postered bed shook and creaked under the weight of our merged flesh.

The feeling was very exhilarating. That same feeling felt by a daring adventurer at the thought of exploring the unknown. And Margaret has been having the best time of her life…willingly taking every inch of my penetration, all the way down, all of it….letting me fill every void in her.

She danced with my rhythm. She called my name. “Keep going baby! Ohhh…please don’t stop!” I grabbed her hair, forced her to face me, and I kissed those soft lips that always dry my tears away. She kissed me back very gently, then I saw the message in her eyes…that kind of look that always scares the shit out of me. “Noooo!”

I invaded her gaping glory hole again, forcibly. Her face was down on the pillow, her fingers intertwined from the hands that were bound with my long sleeves behind her. After a few more pushes and pulls, she screamed in bliss, her legs quivered, her toes curled, and an oozing love liquid streamed along her thighs.

My rock hard muscle was having a warm shower now. “Please baby…gi..ve it to me now!” Margaret stuttered as she catch her breath. Her release now was the most profuse I had ever enjoyed since we started late in the afternoon. I needed to match hers.

I untied her hands and flipped her to lie on her back. Oh, she was very excited for me. I hoisted her legs and spread them apart. I have always wanted to reach the zenith of physical glory with my vision fixed on the eyes of every soul who is always willing to share a part of her being.

I kissed and licked her very smooth calves. They smelt of yummy strawberries that were allowed to ripen naturally and harvested freshly from the La Trinidad fields. Salivating with so much lust…and passion, I eased myself into her. She shut her eyes tightly.

“Open your eyes!” I yelled at her as I began the best movements I have mastered since I was eighteen. She complied and lifted her pelvis to accommodate my thrusts. Then I felt the surging heat tickling my fibers as it traveled to find its way out.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh! This is for you baby!” I dropped on her top and my mouth occupied hers. She wrapped her legs around my sweaty body. Then, I gave my power pound…the one that reminds every woman how lucky they are to have descended from the lineage of Eve. She held me possessively as I poured my release inside her.

We lay there for a moment, speechless, listening to the synchronous beating of two broken hearts. Outside the two-way glass window, twilight was starting to creep. Soon, the sparkling lights of Bonifacio Global City would dominate the night sky. The room was overwhelmed with silence, only the ticking of the clock that dictates the hour of parting was audible. How can I stop the time?

Margaret combed my hair with her soft fingers. She has this touch that always calms my trouble even if I only feel it on the strands. I lifted my head and forced my sleepy eyes open. She smiled and placed her index finger on my lips.

“I’m not kissing these dry lips goodbye.” She tried to stir under my weight. “Let me go and get you a glass of water.” I always like her for being thoughtful. Like? Yes. Love? I don’t know. I can’t. Maybe I’m not yet prepared to fall in love again.

I planted small kisses on her bosom before I alighted from the bed. I opened my cabinet and drew a white towel that I wrapped around my waist. “I’ll go downstairs. Stay here and take a rest. I won’t be long. Carlsberg?” She shook her head before she took the sheet to cover her arousing nakedness.

At the kitchen, I saw my reflection on the mirror. I have grown older…like my age has increased for a couple of years or more. Whew! Moving on is not an easy thing to do. I felt my flat tummy, it didn’t feel hungry. There was my favorite pinakbet and humba on the table…newly cooked. Margaret must have done it before she went to my room and woke me up with her passionate kisses. Since my first painful heartbreak, everything I eat becomes either bitter or tasteless. And Margaret would always admonish me for not eating well. “As long as my d**k isn’t losing its shape, I’m OK.” I joked to her one time when we were at the dinner table and I barely consumed what was on my plate.

I opened the ref and took a pitcher of cold water that has slices of lemon and cucumber in it. I drank a glass to replenish the liquids that I lost to the carnal exercise that a lonely man like me would never live without. Ahhh, it was very refreshing. I poured in another glass and gulped it in half. I put the glass on the table and turned to face the mirror again. Has something changed? I bored into the eyes of the man in the mirror. This is no longer me. Shit! Damn feelings, when will you let me go?

I stared at the glass on the table. It stared straight back at me and asked me a stupid question. “Julio, look at me. Am I half full or half empty?” I was still for a moment. Then I took the glass and drank the remaining volume until the last droplet was gone. I raised the glass. Smiling like a mischievous boy, I dropped the glass on the cold floor. “Speak up! Now, you’re not just empty! You are broken, irreparable….shattered into pieces. And no one is coming back to gather and fix you!”

“Julio, what’s happening down there? Is everything all right?” I barely recognized the fear on Margaret’s tone.

“Yeah baby! Everything’s all right! Get ready for three more exciting rounds. I’m coming!”

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